CKNJ to modify TV listings

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All listings will now appear in Monday issue

You spoke, and we have tried to listen.
Earlier this year, the News-Journal made a change to its TV listings. Previously, all listings were published in an inserted section in the Thursday issue of the paper.

When the company that provides us with those listings redesigned them for us, we thought it might be better for a portion of the listings to be published in the Monday issue and the remainder to be in the Thursday’s paper.
We received comments from readers with concerns about this, and after reviewing our listings, we have realized that maybe we didn’t make the best decision.
Starting on Monday, we will offer an updated version of our TV listings. The look of the listings will not change, but listings for each week will be published in one issue of the paper, and that will be the Monday issue. Monday through Wednesday’s listings will be on one page and the back of that same sheet will feature the Thursday through Sunday listings.
While this may not remedy all concerns, we hope it will make it more convenient for our readers to keep up with the entire week’s worth of programming on one sheet of paper.
Obviously we can’t change everything that is suggested to us, but we welcome readers to address any concerns with us about the CKNJ.
We put the information together, but in the end, this newspaper belongs to the people of Taylor County. We assure you that we take all suggestions seriously, and we hope the changes made to the TV listings will make that part of our newspaper more useful to our readers.