City schools eliminate associate principals

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

Budget cuts will eliminate associate principal positions this fall in the Campbellsville Independent School District.

However, teachers and other staff will still get the state-mandated 1 percent raise.

The tentative 2008-2009 budget approved by School Board members Monday night totals $9.95 million, down from this year's $10.7 million. It includes a 133 percent increase in diesel fuel costs, a projected 15 percent increase in utilities and the possible elimination of several grant-funded positions.

Superintendent Diane Woods-Ayers said grants that generally fund the Adult Education Center, the 21st Century Community Learning Center and the Drop-out Prevention Program have not yet been approved.

If the programs are not funded, the tenured certified teachers who oversee them will be given teaching posts within the school system.

In addition, Woods-Ayers said, the staff members who have served as associate principals within the District will be returning to full-time teaching positions - Greg Chick at Campbellsville High, Tim Bailey at Campbellsville Middle and Jill Imes at Campbellsville Elementary.

According to Woods-Ayers, elimination of the half-time positions will save the District about $30,000 each.

However, the CMS site-based council requested that the Board create a "dean of students" position that would take the place of the associate principal's position at the school and be funded with the council's staffing allocation rather than the District's general fund.

Board Members Joe Walters and Angie Johnson said they were concerned about agreeing to create a new position to replace one they had just eliminated. However, Board Member Mitch Overstreet said he supports the site-based council's decision.

"After all, isn't that what we created [the site-based councils] for?" he asked.

Principal Chris Kidwell said the CMS council had decided that the position was too important to student safety to do without.

The Board unanimously approved the CMS council's request.

Also at the meeting:

- CHS students Meredith Haley and Auburn Wigginton were honored as this year's Governor's Scholars. Wigginton was also selected to attend the Governor's School for the Arts. However, since she could not attend both, she said she has chosen to attend the scholars' program.

- The Board agreed to change the full credit requirement for physical education at the high school to the half-credit mandated by the state. Officials said the change will allow students more opportunity for high-level classes.

- The preschool calendar was changed to add May 19, 21 and 22 as makeup days.

- Those named as favorite teachers by students selected as academic achiever were honored. They are Suzanne Crowder, Laura Dicken, Joyce Dunlap, Anthony Farris, Lynn Horn, Zach Lewis, Chasity Malone, Marcia Sharp and Lisa Wiseman, CES; Amy Knifley, Elisha Rhodes, Davis Petett and Jackie Thomas, CMS; and Ben Davis, Dee Doss, Jim Hardy, Kevin Rafferty and Tammy Wilson, CHS.

- Campbellsville Elementary School was the focus of the monthly academic spotlight. Students involved in the Little Dribblers program, dance team and elementary choir performed.

- The May employment report was lengthy and included the annual list of non-tenured staff with less than four years of service.

Woods-Ayers said the District is required each year to notify these staff members of the possibility their jobs will not be available next year. However, she added, the District expects to re-hire more than 90 percent of them.

New employees - Tim Davis and Kirby Smith, co-athletics directors; and Richard Dooley, CHS science teacher.

Resignations - Joy Bryant, substitute bus monitor; Jim Hardy, CHS social studies teacher and athletics director; Tabatha Martin, CHS attendance clerk; Betty Morrison, CHS teacher; Michael Sneed, CHS history teacher and girls' basketball coach; and Vicki Campbell, CHS English teacher (limited contract).

Retirements - Mitzi Coyle, CHS guidance counselor; Mabel Fisher, CES instructional assistant; Linda RoBards, CES instructional assistant; and Anita Smith, CES teacher.

Transfers - Linda Handley, CES principal to the Kentucky Department of Education's highly-skilled educator program; Beverly Knifley, CES teacher returning from disability retirement; Elisha Rhodes, CMS teacher to CHS guidance counselor; and adult education staff Mildred Hunt, Margie Lay, Betty Richerson and Diana Salmon to teaching positions at CES and CHS.

Reduction of responsibilities - Bailey, Chick and Imes; also Sharon Harris, 21st Century grant coordinator at CMS; and Katie Wilkerson, game management.

Non-tenured classified staff - Ruth Allen, Walter Lee Allen, Anthony Anderson, Sandra Bailey, Ellen Bell, Wilando Bridgewater, Lisha Burris, Bobbie Durham, Bobbi Faulkner, Anne Fraim, Joanetta Hadley, Martha Harris, Michael Harrison, Elaine Herron, Dorothy Ingram, Dorcus A. Jefferson, Shearion Johnson, Frank Kidwell, Kathy Lane, Kelly Lane, Johnny Lipps, Charla Mardis, Melisa Mills, Judy Perkins, Maureen Seaborne, Rosalind Strong, Kimberly Thompson, Rebecca Tungate, Clifton Walker, Tim Walters, Betty Witham, Rebecca Wood and Jeremy Wright.

Non-tenured certified staff - Kelly Baugh, Angela Brasser, Terry Brewer, Mollie Byrd, Elizabeth Campbell, Javier Cascos, Shamarie Claiborne, Suzanne Crowder, Carl Deaton, Steven Doss, Luci Ellis, Kontrina Ferguson, Steven Gumm, James Gwilliam, LaWanda Hazard, Patricia Humphress, Jason Keltner, Amy Knifley, Zachary Lewis, Chasity Malone, Jane Parrott, Ashlee Petett, Elisha Rhodes, Katherine Slone, Kirby Smith, Jaime Smith, Michael Sneed, Shannon Sparkman, Michael Sullivan and Jackie Thomas.

- Finance Director Gayle Newton reported that 72.7 percent of the District's $7.2 million general fund budget has been spent, with 83.3 percent of the school year complete.