City made only parking decision it could

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By The Staff

Campbellsville City Council's decision to change the parking on Main Street to include parallel spaces along the south side was a necessary one - for a number of reasons.

There were no established standards for roads back when Main Street was built, so it's too narrow for many of today's larger vehicles. And that makes for close quarters on busy days.

In addition, Main Street is a choice for many who are hoping to bypass the congestion that sometimes occurs on Broadway. That only adds to the traffic and the potential that the crowded parking creates.

But people don't like change. And they like it even less when it's a difficult change.

The ease of pulling into a diagonal parking place vs. the difficulty of parallel parking is a no-brainer. We wonder, how many of our drivers frequenting Main Street will be able to accurately parallel park? It certainly takes more effort and a bit more skill. There are precious few other places to practice that lost driving art in our fair town.

But with the increased traffic we foresee in the Main Street area after the completion of the judicial center and the jail, certainly something needs to be done. Mayor Brenda Allen says there are already weekly collisions.

Without making the street one way only, there wasn't much else that could be done to give drivers more space.

Will it help? That is yet to be answered. But we agree that some change was certainly necessary.

We can watch how traffic evolves under the new parking requirements.