City employee raises still in question

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Though $5,000 toward YMCA feasibility study is included.

By James Roberts

While the futures of Rescue and E-911 are now squared away, the city still has a few budget hurdles to tackle as the new fiscal year approaches.

Employee raises and the impact of health insurance costs are still being mulled over, according to Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young.

Though the final draft of the 2011-2012 budget is still in the works, Campbellsville City Council members discussed the issue at length during Monday night's regular meeting. Young said he expected to have the budget completed and in the hands of council members by today or tomorrow.

"There are some things that we need to work out yet," Young said.

The Council will have a special meeting Monday at 7 p.m. for second reading of the budget.

Councilman Stan McKinney asked if the budget will include the proposed 3 percent raise for all city employees.

Young said he doesn't know. Following the meeting, Young said that health insurance costs are the big question mark. Rates won't be available until October, he said, which makes it difficult to prepare a 2011-2012 budget. Rates are expected to increase, but to what degree is unknown.

Though employee raises are still uncertain, the budget will include a $5,000 contribution toward a local YMCA feasibility study.

In May, Various city and county officials and business leaders met with YMCA of Greater Louisville President Steve Tarver and Luckett & Farley Architects Senior Project Manager Aric Andrew to discuss a possible local YMCA. Taylor Regional Hospital officials have said they will donate 5 acres of land across the street from the hospital, near Dr. Heather Wise's dental practice. In return, TRH will have a spot at the YMCA for a therapy facility.

Young recommended that the Council contribute $5,000 toward the effort. Councilman David Nunery made a motion to do so, with a second by Councilwoman Vangie Ford. The study costs $30,000.

Councilwoman Patti Phillips said she is opposed to contributing funds to a feasibility study when raises for city employees are still in question.

Nunery said the contribution is "an investment in our community."

The YMCA will bring new jobs to the community as well as an estimated $8 million facility, he said.

Phillips and Councilman Mike Hall Jr. voted "no" on the contribution. Councilman Terry Keltner did not attend the meeting.

Councilman Randy Herron asked if the budget will include a new job description for the E-911 mapping coordinator, who, thanks to the new interlocal agreement with the county, is now a city employee.

Herron also asked for a job description for Downtown Development Coordinator Donna Logsdon, who has requested an increased contribution from the city. The city currently pays Logsdon $12,000 a year. She has asked for an increase to $20,000. Young said the increase is still being considered. The county contributes $5,000 annually.

Councilman Jimmy Ewing asked what will be included in the budget for the Campbellsville/Taylor County Economic Development Authority.

Young said that at least $100,000 will be budgeted for EDA.

"I don't know that, at this point, I can include more than that," he said.

Phillips said she would like to see each department head draft a "green plan," which would include turning lights off when not needed, preparing at least three meals a month that don't require the use of gas or electricity and recycling plastic and aluminum materials.

McKinney also asked, when replacing vehicles, that hybrid vehicles be considered for potential cost-savings.

Young said he will review both suggestions with department heads and report back to the Council.


Financial report

April revenues - $638,931 - are above budget - $600,482. Year-to-date revenues - $7.4 million - are above year-to-date budget - $7.1 million.

Expenses for April - $637,214 - are below budget - $663,709. Year-to-date expenses - $7.4 million are over year-to-date budget - $6.9 million.

Campbellsville Water Co.'s April revenue - $370,737 - is under budget - $394,251. Year-to-date revenue - $4 million - is over budget - $3.9 million.

The water co.'s April expenses - $365,274 - are under budget - $408,189. Year-to-date expenses - $4.1 million - are over budget - $4 million.


In other action:

  • Following a half-hour closed session, the Council voted to give Young the authority to enter into negotiations to purchase real estate. Following the meeting, Young said he can't divulge details until negotiations have ended, but the land would help the city "with some future infrastructure."
  • The Miller Park swimming pool is 30 years old and may need some work or replacement soon. In addition, the tennis courts are in poor repair. Nunery also suggested a bike and walkway through the park. Herron suggested that Young look into starting a recreational fund to deal with these issues. Young said that he will explore the possibility.
  • The Council rescheduled its July meeting to Monday, July 11 at 7 p.m. The meeting was originally set for July 4. Young said he plans to sign the new city/county interlocal agreement this week.
  • Young presented a letter from the Buncrana Town Council, Campbellsville's sister city in Ireland, offering condolences for the death of former mayor Robert L. Miller.
  • Phillips and McKinney thanked Campbellsville/Taylor County Rescue personnel for the swift water rescue performed on Green River on Memorial Day.