Circulation on the rise at Taylor County Public Library

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More library cards ordered after 3,000 are issued

By Calen McKinney

ounty Public Library is on the rise.
At Monday’s regular Taylor County Public Library Board meeting, members heard that circulation is on the rise in almost every area at the library.
Library Director Julia Turpin told Board members that she recently had to order more library cards to meet patron demand.
As of the meeting, she said, more than 3,000 had been issued, and the cards have had to be ordered three times.
She said circulation for last month was up five percent when compared to figures for last year.
Staff members are also getting more requests for e-books and nonfiction documentaries, according to Turpin. As such, she said, there will now be a section geared toward the documentaries, and more e-books are being purchased for patron use.
Turpin said there was a slight dip last month in the number of children’s books checked out, and she and Youth Services Librarian Emily Snyder are working on ideas to increase that number.
Turpin said the library continues to have events that attract many adults and children in the Taylor County community. One recent event featured Campbellsville resident Roger Blair, who came to the library and discussed his woodworking.
Turpin said she has given her staff members specific circulation goals, which is a reminder that they should be active with patrons and help them with whatever they need when they come to the library.
She said the library will soon purchase a membership on www.ancestery.com for patron use. The service will cost a little more than $1,100 a year, but will allow all patrons to use the website for free while they are at the library. She said the purchase is being made after several patrons asked for more online genealogy resources.
Turpin said the library’s book club is now reading with Kindles.
She said staff members found it was cheaper to buy Kindles and e-books for the club than hard copies of the group’s selections for all club members. She said this might open the possibility of checking out Kindles to patrons in the future.
Turpin said some new photographs were recently taken of the library and its staff members for a redesign of the library’s website. She said the new design will be more modern and will be unveiled soon.
The library’s website is www.taylorcountypubliclibrary.org.

Also at the Meeting:
• Outreach Librarian Bonnie Webster said the recent project to collect all the yearbooks from Campbellsville and Taylor County schools went very well, with one such yearbook coming from Chicago to complete the set. Webster said many patrons who had never been to the library before helped with the project.
Board Chair John Miller asked if electronic versions of the yearbooks will be uploaded to the library’s website. Turpin said they won’t, but patrons can come and look at the electronic versions and check them out. She said patrons can also buy the electronic yearbooks for the cost of duplicating them. For more about the yearbook project, see last Monday’s issue.
• Board Treasurer Pat Webster said the Green/Taylor Early Childhood Council has received $18,600 in grant funding, which will be divided between Taylor and Green county libraries. Bonnie Webster said it isn’t known yet how much each library will receive.
• Pat Webster said the library’s checkbook balance, at the end of August, was about $44,000.
She said that amount has been dwindling and asked whether more money should be placed in the account than the $25,000 that is transferred each month.
Turpin said library expenses average to about $66,000 a month. If the library doesn’t put more than $25,000 in its account each month, she said, the library could inadvertently issue an insufficient funds check. She said the library has enough money to operate, so that shouldn’t happen.The library will soon begin to receive property tax payments, Turpin said, along with checks for state taxes, which will increase revenue.
After some discussion, Board members agreed to transfer $70,000 from the library’s accounts to its checking account each month.
• Board member Eddie Hazelwood said he received a quote of about $17,700 for repairs to the back of the library’s roof.
He said the roof wasn’t repaired during the renovation of the library building because contractors said they believed the repairs weren’t necessary then. Since then, however, there has been some heavy rainfall that caused some damage.
Board members agreed to wait and see what repairs are necessary in the future.
• Hazelwood asked Turpin about the cost of utilities at the new library building compared to its former location. She said the library’s electric bill is a bit higher, but there have been no increases that have been concerning to her.
• Bonnie Webster reported that she read books to 505 children in August and had 33 outreach programs in the community.
• The Board will meet again Tuesday, Oct. 15, at noon at the library. The meeting will be a special one, meaning members can only discuss what is on the meeting’s agenda. The meeting is open to the public.