CHS tabs Chappell as Eagles' head football coach

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Comes from South Laurel High School.

By Bobby Brockman

After receiving 34 applications from eight states and interviewing seven of eight finalists, Campbellsville High School has decided upon 32-year-old Jason Chappell to direct the Eagles' football program.


"We felt like after the process, with his work ethic, character, discipline and fun for the game, we felt like he was best for the job," CHS principal Mike Deaton told a group of players, parents and supporters on Monday night in the cafeteria.

"I left a fairly-established program to come here," Chappell said. "I know there's a challenge. But I'm really ready for that close-knit family atmosphere."

Despite his age, Chappell has been a head high school coach the last six seasons - South Laurel from 2006-2008 and Perry County Central 2003-2005 - where he coached two all-state quarterbacks, including Ricky Bowling the last three seasons. Bowling is second only to Zach Lewis of Clay County in career passing yards (12,259) and is tied with Tim Couch for most touchdown passes (133).

However, Chappell said, don't always expect the Eagles to fill the air with footballs.

"My philosophy is to win, no matter if we have to throw it or run it every down," Chappell said. "I do believe you have to run the football to win consistently. Maybe something like 65-35 run to pass would be ideal."

Chappell credits his early years as an assistant to Paul Rains at Madison Central as the key groundwork to his future success as the head man of his own program.

"We pick each others' brains a lot," the M.C. Napier graduate said of his association with Rains, Kenny Turner, David Hensley, Mark Dixon and others.

Chappell feels like offense is his strongest side of the ball, although he has called the defense, where he feels his team will use a multiple 50 look.

"I'm a Christian first and then a teacher, football coach and husband," Chappell told his future players and supporters. "We want football to be meaningful. The players should have faith first and then family and school before football.

"Our goal every year should be to compete for a regional title," Chappell said. "I don't how many games we will win, but I can tell you we will look, act and play like a football team."

Chappell also said there were other things he wanted to instill in his program.

"We will have great pride in the program, and we're going to be great in the classroom.

"I want them to be good people, love each other and respect their parents.

"We want our community to have pride in our football program. We have to look like a football team and be good people.

"I'm ready to get started. We're going to hit the ground running. We need to get in here and get started."

The last statement was further proven when Chappell announced spring practice would be this weekend - Friday night, Saturday and Sunday between church and around the other practice schedules (baseball and track).

Chappell, who has been married to Leigh Ann Dunn Chappell of Bell County for about a year and a half, saw the Eagles play at Hazard in the 2007 play-offs.

"I hope when fans see us play they'll notice how hard we play and how disciplined we are."