CHS Step Team was, well, out of step

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By The Staff

On behalf of everyone at Campbellsville High School, I would like to take a moment to express my apologies for the routine that our Step Team performed at half time of the recent Campbellsville-Taylor County boys' basketball game.

While the group put forth a great deal of effort in developing a routine to perform, they failed to consider the impression that part of their performance would have upon those in attendance.

As I stated to them in our meeting on Monday, their lapse in judgment for 30 seconds of the routine took away from all of their hard work and intentions. As principal, it is my responsibility to monitor our activities, and a certain portion of the routine should not have been allowed. I do not condone that type of behavior in our building, and it does not reflect the character of our students.

I do not lightly state that I will accept the blame for failing to properly edit the show. While some have been quick to point out the flaw in the squad's efforts, I ask that folks also stop and consider that a part of our challenge to educate our youth must involve teaching kids to thoughtfully consider their decisions and the ramifications resulting from their actions.

I am sorry that a part of the show got past me, just as I'm sure other principals are sorry when their students shout obscene or vulgar things during a game.

We will use this as a teaching and learning process and not allow it to deter the progress our school is making this year. I can only hope that the adults in the community would do the same.

Mike Deaton