Christian concerts a blessing to community

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By Moreland Jeff


Entertainment isn't hard to find in most places these days, and I've lived in a few places that had more than their share. But for me, Campbellsville does it as good as any smaller community I've ever lived or worked in, hands down.

I enjoy all types of music, but as a Christian, I especially enjoy contemporary Christian music. Bands like Third Day, MercyMe and others provide an uplifting message in their music, and that's not easy to find these days. It's the kind of music that reminds me of the things I need to focus on during the day, and helps keep some of the worries of the world at bay, allowing me to focus on my faith in everything I do. I don't focus nearly as well as I would like to, or as much as I need to, but thanks to the artists who provide such blessings in their music, I have additional help, and I appreciate it.

Friday night, I got yet another dose of that uplifting music, but I wasn't alone.

Fans all around the country know well the songs of the band Sanctus Real, as well as solo artist Francesca Battistelli, and a crowd of about 900 people at Living Grace Church got a chance to see the artists and hear the songs up-close and personal. The Hands of God tour visited town, and it brought these two major artists, as well as a couple of lesser known, but still very talented artists in solo performer Jon Bauer and the band All Things New. You may not know them well today, but give them time. Their futures definitely look bright.

 The concert was the second presented by Elk Horn Baptist Church, and both took place at Living Grace to accommodate the large crowd.

Any community would be fortunate to have such artists visit their town, but for a town the size of Campbellsville, it was an even bigger treat. The blessing that is provided to the entire community can't be measured, and my hat is off to all of the folks from Elk Horn Baptist and Living Grace churches for making this happen.