Changes made to city's emergency alert system

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By Leslie Moore

The severe weather season is approaching, bringing the possibility of tornados.

The city's warning siren is used to alert Campbellsville residents of tornado warnings in the area, in addition to sounding on fire calls.

Campbellsville Fire & Rescue Chief Kyle Smith said some changes have been made about the use of the siren.

"For many years, the siren has blown a certain number of times for each fire call to let the volunteer firefighters know which area of town the fire was in," Smith said.

But Smith said this no longer serves a purpose.

"With today's technological advances, everyone has a pager and a radio, so the siren is no longer needed."

Until now, listeners had to count the number of times the sirens sounded to determine whether to take cover.

"Now, if a tornado warning is issued, the siren will blow continuously for four minutes," Smith said.

According to a news release from Campbellsville Fire & Rescue and Taylor County Emergency Management, this change will help warn the public of a tornado as quickly as possible.

The release also said if, after the initial siren the tornado is still imminent or the situation remains dangerous, the siren will sound again for another four minutes.

The fire siren will continue to sound at noon on Monday through Saturday.

The changes are now in effect, Smith said.

To help prepare the public for what to do in the event of a tornado and other severe weather, a regional severe weather spotters class will be at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 26, on the third floor at Campbellsville Fire & Rescue.