Changes are happening

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By Becky Cassell, Editor


We're making changes at the News-Journal, changes that we believe readers will enjoy.

In addition to our new website, which we hope you've had a chance to examine, we're also making a change to the lineup of our Editorial Board.

Traditionally, members of the Editorial Board have included the publisher, editor, sports editor, both staff writers and two rotating, non-editorial staff members at the CKNJ.

However, instead of the rotating staff members, we've invited two members of the Taylor County community to join us.

Each week, Editorial Board meetings usually involve a discussion that determines what issue the newspaper will address in its editorial, followed by a discussion about what stance the newspaper will take on the issue.

This official stance will be reflected in the Main Editorial that is published each Thursday in this space.
The community members will serve for a 13-week period. Then, two new community members will be selected.
We hope that this change will bring a fresh, new perspective to the CKNJ Editorial Board.

And we're always interested in readers' opinions as well. That's why there's a special section of the Opinion Page just for that purpose - Letters to the Editor as well as Forum Topics on our website at www.cknj.com.

We hope you'll join us in focusing on issues and events that concern Taylor County.