Change can be a good thing ... sometimes

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By The Staff

Change can be a good thing. At least sometimes.

Changing the look of downtown Campbellsville is definitely a good thing. We can’t help but wonder if a few of the changes planned for streetscape and beautification don’t necessarily fall into the “sometimes” category.

New, handicapped-accessible sidewalks and walking paths are definitely a plus. Closing the main entrance to the library parking lot, though, we’re not as sure about.

Certainly, it’s often difficult to pull out into traffic on Columbia Avenue from the library parking lot. But seldom is it ever difficult to turn into the entrance. Why not mark it “Entrance Only” rather than closing it completely? Both ends of Terri Street, the only other ways to get into the parking lot, are often occupied by police cars. We’re not sure people who want to visit the library won’t get in the way of officers, who sometimes must leave the station in a hurry. Will this closure make people think twice about visiting the library? We hope not.

As for Phase II of the project, the planned walkway looks great. So does the landscaping, benches and trashcans. Anytime you want to attract people to an area, it needs to look nice, have a seat for them to rest and trashcans for their cups and other garbage.

Problem is, there’s no funding for any of that yet.

Why would people want to “walk, talk and socialize” without benches and landscaping to make it attractive and inviting?

And then there are the horses. Plans include at least three horse sculptures at a cost of $25,000 each. If Taylor County were located in Louisville, next to the infamous Churchill Downs, or even in Lexington, which is famous for its horse farms, we could understand it. But what do horses have to do with Campbellsville or Taylor County?

It seems to us that perhaps some different priorities might need to be set for the courthouse square.

If you want to grab some lunch and sit on a bench in the shade of a tree and read a good book, you might not be doing it in downtown Campbellsville for some time to come.