Cat Hollow Road information not all true

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By The Staff

It seems like you all don't have all of the information correct.

The $200,000 figure is ridiculous for the first thing. I really don't know what kind of road Mr. (Judge/Executive Eddie) Rogers thought we wanted through there. This is really a high figure for about half-mile of road.

We have let everyone have any money for upkeep for the last 30-plus years, so we deserve help out here. If it was in another part of the county then I wonder how you would feel? I guess we are considered a poor part of the county, but we have paid taxes for many years.

Oh yes, another thing, the road does not end in the creek.

We were under the impression that you could not close a county road without the written consent of the landowners that comes down and joins that property or road.

The Winlocks have owned this property since April 1997 and they live in Shelbyville, Ky., so I don't know them personally and sure don't want to have trouble with neighbors.

I suppose they plan to move down here some day.

I don't know if they have asked for help on through [their property] or they just wanted down to their place like it is now? If so, then they have got that, it looks like to me.

The last time I tried to drive down there someone had gates across the road as you get to their property on this county road. Also "no trespassing" signs were up. I thought this doesn't seem right but I backed my vehicle out and came back home, thinking who did that - was that legal? This is a county road.


Shirley Noel

Elk Horn