The Caring Place needs your help

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At the start of this year, I decided that I needed to use my skills and experience to give back to the community and to Kentucky, because when I needed help for my problems (in the 1980s), I got it right here in Marion County.

My goal now is to put in place this cause-marketing strategy and annual special event: "Stick Horse, Egg & Spoon Derby" to involve the business community, individuals and churches in raising funds and awareness about the essential services The Caring Place of Lebanon provides for women and children in a four county area - Marion, Nelson, Taylor and Washington counties.

At the same time, my goal is to help expand its donor base going forward so that The Caring Place can have a broader base of financial support; greater community awareness of all the services it provides; and why The Caring Place is so critically important to the well-being and safety of everyone in south-central Kentucky. This cause-marketing strategy could be used as a "blueprint" throughout the state, actually.

And I also hope to make more people aware of how big a problem violence against women and children is; what a multi-faceted problem it is; and how it affects all of us - as individuals in our own neighborhoods and as a safety issue in the workplace as well. These women and their children get caught up into a cycle of violence and emotional abuse that is very, very difficult to break out of.

There are often serious emotional/mental problems and substance abuse and legal problems to deal with along with poverty. Although this emotional abuse and violence affects women and children from all socio-economic backgrounds equally, for those who are poor, it is extra difficult to get the help they need and to a safe place to heal.

Finally, I also want to help Kentuckians understand just how weak our laws are and that until the laws and court procedures change, it is critically important that ALL these shelters remain open and financially viable no matter the health of economy.

I hope and pray that we can make this 1st annual Stick Horse, Egg & Spoon Derby along with its related fundraising activities, a success. I do believe that with a little luck, skill and lots of effort, and loads of advance publicity, it can be done.

If you or your organization would like to help The Caring Place by entering the 1st Annual Stick Horse-Egg & Spoon Derby on April 30 in Graham Park from 1-4 p.m., call Elizabeth at (859) 481-6041 or email ewallen1@roadrunner.com; or call Mag Burton at The Caring Place at (270) 692-9300.

Elizabeth Wallen