Can two become one?

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By The Staff

Has the time finally come to merge the Campbellsville and Taylor County school districts into one unified district?

With the retirement announcement from Gary Seaborne and the decision of Diane Woods-Ayers to not seek a new contract, do we actually need two superintendents? Both school districts have scheduled to meet with the Kentucky School Board Association for guidance.

Will the KSBA work on behalf of both districts with one fee?

These are the November 2008 school district facts from the Kentucky Department of Education:

Campbellsville Independent Taylor County

1,005 Average Daily Attendance 2,420

$11,008,690 Total 2008 Revenue $19,224,239

$10,505,746 Total 2008 Expenses $20,510, 575

208 Total Staff 409

12.53 Pupil to Teacher Ratio 15.33

A precedent in studying and solving community problems was set with the formation of Taylor County United, a local task force formed when Fruit of the Loom and Batesville Casket Co. closed. The result of that group’s work ended in the formation of Team Taylor County.

The recent merger of Mercer County and Harrodsburg school districts would be a good place to start for information on how to get it done, as our communities are similar in size.

Another idea might be to form task force committees to study the financial, staffing, facilities and transportation aspects as well as student impact and other considerations. A Taylor County United concept could be beneficial in this case.

Can we provide an equal quality education for all students in Campbellsville and Taylor County? Can we be cost effective to the benefit of taxpayers? Can we be sensitive to the passion that current students and graduates of both districts hold for their respective schools?

In this period of global financial uncertainty, the time to ask these questions, and many more, has come.