Can God exist?

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In the wake of yet another school shooting, several questions are being asked.

Are current gun laws adequate? Shouldn't clues of the perpetrator's intentions have been noticed by family and friends? Are our schools' security policies adequate?

But some ask, "Does God even exist?"

After all, if God is a righteous and loving God, how could he allow something as heinous as the murder of innocent children?

A few questions and observations should be noted. First, when the existence of God is doubted, in many instances it is the atrocities against children that are mentioned.

Question: At what age is the random murder of people not atrocious? Would doubts about God's existence disappear if no one died until reaching the age of 15, 20 or 25? If the perpetrator had wandered into an assisted living facility, shooting and killing residents and staff, would their families be less traumatized knowing the victims weren't children? All life is precious. Evil has no age limits.

Doubting God's existence because of evil and suffering is really a disbelief that God can coexist with evil and suffering. This line of thinking would indicate that if evil and suffering did not exist, belief in God would be feasible. 

The Bible describes heaven as a place without evil, pain, suffering, death, etc.  When someone refuses to believe in God because of the presence of pain and suffering, they are yearning for heaven on earth.

Observation: Life on earth is not heaven.

The Bible explains that we live in a fallen world because of sin. Both God and evil exist in our world. Jesus did not say, "In the world you will have no pain and suffering." He said, "In the world you will have trouble."

Isn't it ironic in that what the doubter yearns for, heaven, God has made available to all who believe?

One final question for those who think the existence of pain and suffering proves that God does not exist. Why should anyone be concerned with pain and suffering anyway?

If God does not exist, we are all the result of an accidental cosmic collision of chemicals. We have no purpose or worth. Without God, there is no basis for a standard of right and wrong. Evil does not even merit a passing thought since it does not exist. A tragedy would just be another meaningless event in our pitiful existence.

Again, the Bible sheds important light on this discussion. The very first chapter in the Bible states that man is created in God's image. Man has an innate ability to discern that at least some things are wrong.

Without argument the recent events at the elementary school in Newtown, Conn., were a terrible tragedy. And the reason our hearts break is the result of the creator placing in our hearts a concept of justice.

Let us be diligent in prayer for the families that had an extremely difficult Christmas this year. But let us not use this tragedy to justify our doubts that there is no God to pray to. For in analyzing our passion for justice, we come to see that it is proof God does exist.

"... And you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins."

Ronald Curry