Campbellsville schools' move still in progress

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Superintendent says work is half complete

By Calen McKinney

Work to reconfigure the Campbellsville Independent School system's buildings is about halfway complete.

Superintendent Mike Deaton said classrooms are being physically moved and floors sealed and waxed in the process.

He said new offices are more or less set up and phone lines have been moved. As such, if someone calls the elementary school, he said, the call now rings at the former middle school, which is where students in preschool through third grade will attend class as of August.

Once the reconfiguration is complete, students in preschool through third grade, who had attended school at a house beside the elementary school and the elementary school itself, will move to the current Campbellsville Middle School building.

Those in grades five through seven will attend school at the current elementary school. Fourth graders currently attend school at CES and will remain there.

Eighth graders will attend classes in the space between the current elementary and high school buildings. High school students will continue to attend class at the CHS building.

A couple of years from now, fourth- and fifth-grade students will be moved to the current middle school, after renovations at the current elementary and middle schools are complete. At that point, students in preschool through fifth grade will attend school at the current middle school and those in grades six through eight will attend at the current elementary school.

Deaton said on Monday that staff members are working on moving computer labs and networks. He said the nurses' offices have been moved, but will be located in the same space as they were before and the nurses have simply switched buildings.

Deaton said work is continuing to renovate restrooms at the former CES to make them appropriate for middle school students.

He said he estimates the work will be complete by the end of July.

"So I think we're in good shape there," he said.

After the reconfiguration is complete, Deaton said, personnel will move to other maintenance projects in preparation for the start of the 2013-2014 school year.

After the meeting, he said a playground near the elementary school was demolished recently and will be paved to make way for a new parent pickup system.

At this point, Deaton told Board members, the only open position in the district is for a high school part-time social studies teacher.

Interviews are being conducted to fill the middle school principal position, he said, now that David Petett is director of district-wide services. Deaton said he hopes to have a new principal in place by July 1.

Several other employees have been hired to fill open positions in the district. They are included in the personnel report listed below.

"All in all, we're pleased with all the actions taken place so far," Deaton said.

Also at the Meeting:

• Board Chair Pat Hall said Deaton's official evaluation will be done next month. An informal one is done in December, she said, with the official one to be done in July. She said the Board might meet at a special time to discuss the evaluation in closed session. A complete report about the evaluation will be done in public, she said, per state law.

The Board's next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 15, at 6 p.m. at the Board office. It is open to the public.

• The Board scheduled a special meeting for Tuesday, June 25, at 8 a.m. to approve the state's new dropout policy, which raises the dropout age from 16 to 18, and to give Deaton authorization to apply for a $10,000 grant available to districts that approve the policy. The meeting is open to the public.

Deaton said paperwork from districts approving the policy can't be submitted until the following day, so the Board can meet anytime on June 25 to give the OK to the policy. He will submit the paperwork the following morning.

• The District's certified salary schedule was approved. Deaton said there are no raises for staff this year, with the exception of those who will have experience and rank step changes.

• The Board accepted a bid from Hedgespeth Photography for 2013-2014 senior pictures.

• A student teacher agreement was approved with St. Catharine College, as was a nursing contract with Lake Cumberland District Health Department, updates to the Kentucky School Board Association's and the district's policies and procedures.

• Hall and Board Member Barkley Taylor will attend the KSBA's Summer Leadership Institute on July 12 and 13.

• One mandatory and three flexible professional development days were approved for the 2013-2014 school year.

• Performance bonds were approved for the district's finance officer, accounts payable clerk, principals, bookkeepers and tax collector.

• Deaton presented the District's May financial report on behalf of Finance Director Chris Kidwell, who did not attend the meeting. Revenue was $716,118.39 and expenses totaled $1,066,407.97. The closing balance at the end of last month was $2,843,494.29.

• The month's personnel report includes:

New employees - Amelia Deaton, CHS teacher for students with learning disabilities; Amber Delk, CHS special education instructional assistant; William Griffin, CHS instructional assistant; Tyler Hardy, CMS language arts teacher; Geoffrey McPherson, CMS science teacher; MaKenzie Thompson, CMS instructional assistant.

Resigned/retired employees - Debbie Edwards, CES academic teach coach; Carol Tucker, CHS boys and girls tennis coach; Herb Wiseman, CHS boys golf coach.

Athletics - Jim Ward, new CHS boys golf coach.

Positions eliminated - Kelly Baugh, CHS behavior rehabilitation teacher; Katie Biggs, Campbellsville Eagle Academy clerk; Kallie Crowder, CES teacher; Dallas Payton, CEA instructional assistant; and Carrie Rafferty, cook/baker.