The Campaign Trail

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The Campaign Trail

Following is a list of candidates who have filed for election in Taylor County next year. Candidates are listed in the order in which they filed.
An “I” denotes the candidate is an incumbent. “D” stands for Democrat and R for Republican. Mayor and city council races are nonpartisan.

U.S. Senator    Matt Bevin-R

11th Judicial Circuit Court Judges
Division 1    Samuel Todd Spalding      

11th Judicial Circuit District Court Judges    
Division 1    Amy Sullivan Anderson
Division 2    Connie Sullivan Phillips            

District 1    James E. Jones-R (I)
District 2    John D. Gaines-D (I)
District 3    Tommy Corbin-R (I)
District 4    Matt Pendleton-R (I)
                  Chris Ambers-D
District 5    Ed Gorin-R (I)
District 6    Richard Phillips-R (I)

County Attorney        John Bertram-D (I)

County Judge/Executive    Eddie Rogers-D (I)
                                      Greg Gribbins-R

Mayor            Tony Young (I)
                     Brenda Allen
                     Henry L. Goff

Sheriff            Allen Newton-D (I)
                     Paul Wise-R

County Clerk        Mark Carney-R (I)

PVA            Chad Shively-D (I)

Jailer            Eddie “Hack” Marcum-R (I)                

City Council      Paul Osborne (I)
                        Dave Nunery (I)
                        James Ewing (I)
                        Diane Ford-Benningfield (I)
District 6        Rick Reynolds-D (I)