Bus routes announced for 2013-2014 school year

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Bus routes for the 2013-2013 school year were recently released.

They are as follows.

Campbellsville Independent Schools

Bus No. 1

Driver  —  Stuart Hughes

Monitor  —  Donald Edwards 

Bus 1 will begin at about 6:55 a.m. on North Jackson Street. It will turn right on Birdwood, then right on Wickliffe. Bus 1 will turn right on Maple Street, right on Woodlawn Avenue, left on Duffy, then right on North Jackson again. It will travel to Wood Street, turn right on Wickliffe, left on Osage, right on Pitman Avenue, then left on Birdwood. At Lowell Avenue, Bus 1 will turn left, then right on Duffy, left on Ingram Avenue and right on Gardner. It will travel Kentucky to Apache Road and turn right on Lowell Avenue. It will turn right on Osage Avenue, left on Cherokee and travel to Forest Avenue. It will turn around and follow Cherokee back to a left on Elmhurst, then turn left on Hathaway, right on London Road, then left on Cardinal Lane.

During the morning route, Bus 1 will take students to Campbellsville Elementary School mid-route.

During the afternoon route, Bus 1 will have a student stop at Central Shopping Center and will travel Cherokee to Forest Avenue.

Bus No. 2

Driver  — Ronald Forrest

Monitor  — Laura Taylor

Bus 2 will begin the morning route at about 6:55 a.m. on Bell Avenue. It will turn left on Rose and right on South Columbia Avenue. It will turn right on Gowdy Street, left on Bell Avenue, left on Taylor Avenue and back to South Columbia Avenue. The bus stop for students on Autumn Drive will be on South Columbia Avenue. Bus 2 will turn right on Southside Avenue, left on Pike Street and left on Fairview Drive. Students on Cheyenne Drive will have their bus stop at Fairview. Bus 2 will turn right at South Columbia Avenue, then left on Risen Avenue, right on Sunset, left on Main Street, left on Elm Street, right on Risen Avenue to a right on Sunny Hill Drive. It will turn left on Paula Drive, left on Bibb Street, right on Sunny Hill, right on Southern Drive and left on Main Street. In the morning only, Bus 2 will pick up students at Wise Beginnings Daycare then travel Gowdy Street to Bell Avenue and take students to Campbellsville elementary and high schools. It will pick up students on Carnation Street and stop for students at the entrance to Anna Court. It will travel Heistand Street, right on Coppock Street and around West Walnut Street. It will travel East Walnut to CES.

In the morning, the bus will go to CES, CHS and Campbellsville Middle School.

Bus No. 25

Afternoon Only Route

Driver  —  Steven White

Monitor  —  Leslie Gaines

Bus 25 will load beginning at Campbellsville Elementary School in the afternoons. Students approved for interschool transportation will ride Bus 25 to Eagle Academy, Campbellsville High School or Campbellsville Middle School.

Bus 25 will travel West Main Street to Wise Beginnings Daycare. It will take students to Learning Tree Daycare Center in the Big Lots Shopping Center and to A Child's Workplace on Bennett Lane. Bus 25 will travel North Central to Campbellsville Child Development Center at Campbellsville Baptist Church.

Other stops will be assigned as needed.

Bus No. 34

Driver  —  Carl Lee

Monitor  —  Jennifer Brown

Bus 34 will begin the morning route at about 6:55 a.m. on South Court Street. It will travel around to Mill Street and turn right on Tie Street. At South Central Avenue, it will turn left, then right on Logan Street. The stop for students on Wethington Court and Purcell Court will be on Logan Street. It will the travel Bowman Street, turn right on Taylor Boulevard, travel to South Central Avenue, turn left, then left on East Walnut street to Industrial Drive and left to Taylor Boulevard. It will turn left onto Russell Street, right on East Walnut to a left on Cedar Street, left on Davis Street, left on Dixie Avenue, then a right on Phillips Lane. It will travel to Rice Street and onto McNary. At South Central Avenue, Bus 34 will make a right, travel back to a right on East Walnut Street and left on Industrial Drive.

In the morning, the bus will travel to Campbellsville elementary, middle and high schools.

Bus No. 35

Driver  —  Ralph "Pete" Baker Jr.

Monitor  —  Ruth Allen

Bus 35 will begin the morning route at about 6:55 a.m. on Commercial Street with a stop for the southern end of South Court Street. It will make a right on South Central then right on Eads Street. It will turn left on Carden Street, right on Eggers Street to Fieldstone Estates and back to Carden. It will turn right on Kerr Street, left on Peterson and stop for students at Bell Court and Howard Street. It will turn left on West Hord. It will travel South Central to Roland Street, right on Red Lane and right on Lincoln Avenue. At South Central, the bus will turn left, travel to East Hord Street, then around to Country View Drive. Stops for Crawford, Sunflower, Ford, Valley View and Hillcrest Drive will be made on Country View. Bus 35 will turn right on South Central, stop for Watson Court, then on to Campbellsville elementary, middle and high schools.

Bus No. 36

Driver  —  Danny Newton

Monitor  —  Tina Pike

Bus 36 will begin the morning route at about 6:55 a.m. on Meader Street. It will turn left on Handley Avenue and stop at the entrance to Crescent Hill Manor. It will stop for students at Hillview Court, then turn right on Candace, travel around to Handley/Candace, turn right on Crescent Hill Drive, right on Shelby Street and right on Underwood. It will make a left on Durrett and around to Spring Street. Bus 36 will turn left on Chandler and back to Meader Street. It will turn left on Meader, then to Pine Street and Chestnut Street. It will turn left on Coakley Street and travel to a left on North Hoskins. It will cover Western Drive then left on Proctor Knott. The stop for Churchill Drive will be on Proctor Knott. It will turn right on Ridgecrest and travel back to Proctor Knott, to Coakley Street, then to the schools.

In the morning only, Bus 36 will pick up students at the Learning Tree.

Bus No. 37

Driver  —  Preston Forrest

Monitor  —  Jean Button

The morning route for Bus 37 will begin at about 6:55 a.m. on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. It will turn left on Shields Court, then right on Broadway. It will make a left onto Honeygale Drive, right on Gidget Street, left on Rockford and left on Colony Court. It will turn left on Friendly Way, right on Gidget and right on High Pine. It will turn around at the apartment complex. Bus 37 will return to Broadway and make a stop at Spring Lake Estates. It will turn right onto Cumberland Way, right on Cottage Court and back around to Cumberland Way. The stop for students on Sandpiper Circle will be at Cumberland Way. Bus 37 will go to Collins Street, then travel Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to a left on South Jackson Street. The bus will travel Walling, David Street, and turn right into Ray Court, and travel back to a left on Kenny Street and to the schools.

Bus No. 38

Driver  —  Travis Keltner

Monitor  —  Franta Smith

Bus 38 will begin serving students on the same routes and schedule as the end of last school year.

Route changes will be made as they become necessary to service students' needs.

Bus No. 39

Driver  —  Tim Tungate

Monitor  —  Marjorie Edwards

The morning route for Bus 39 will begin at about 6:55 a.m. on North Columbia Avenue. Stops for 3rd Street, Columbia Court, Wilcox Street, and Howell Street will be on North Columbia Avenue. Bus 39 will travel North Columbia Avenue to Ravine Way, Hamilton Street and Layton Drive back to Dale Street. From Dale Street, it will go to A Child's Workplace Daycare in the morning only. Bus 39 will return via North Central Avenue, turn on Ronaldson Court, travel Filray and Shearee Courts and back to North Central. In the morning only, it will stop for students at Campbellsville Child Development Center. It will turn left on Maple Street and left on Lebanon Avenue. It will turn left on Sharon Drive, left on Stanford Lane, right on Grant, right on Druin Street and right on Sharon Drive. It will turn left on Brook Street. Bus 39 will turn right on Meadowbrook, left on Plainview and right on Beechwood Drive. At Lebanon Avenue, Bus 39 turns left, travels to Patterson and McClelland Courts, then on Lebanon Avenue back to Duffy Street, right on Poplar Street to Maple Street and to the schools.

All routes are subject to change. If it does not appear that an address is within the routes, or for questions about transportation, call Donna Gaddis at 465-4162 Ext 28 or 849-8108.

Taylor County

Bus No. 20

Driver  —  Keith Murphy


Blue Hole Road to Sheveport, Dowell Street, Cainwood, White Pine Circle, Blue Ridge Road, Stewarts Lane to Burdick School Road. Lone Valley Road, Robin Drive, Woodlawn Trail to Meadow Hill, Hubbard Lane, Shoreland to Edgewood, Green River Marina, Soule Chapel Road to Joe Kerr Road, Misty Drive to Newcomb Lane to West Blue Hole Rd. to school.

Bus No. 21

Driver  —  Ronnie Allen


Liberty Road to Christian Church Road to lower Stoner Creek to Speck Ridge Road to Bright Ridge Road to King Road to A. Cox Road, back down Speck Ridge to KY 76 to KY 70 to Reids Chapel Road to Gribbins Road to Franklin Road to school.

Bus No. 22

Driver  —  Ottis Wright


Bypass to KY 210 to Fuller Harding to Hibernia Ridge to Corinth Church to Sandy Y to Social Band to Garnett Road to school.

Bus No. 23

Driver  — Kim Farmer

Upper Stoner Creek to Ky 70 to Gaddis Ridge to Farmers Ridge to Acton to Wooleyville to Brushy Fork Creek Road to Dutton Creek to Rebel Run to KY 744 to Smith Chapel to Hills Chapel to Long Branch to Bradley Road to school.

Bus No. 24

Driver  —  Gary Hunt


Old Mac KY 569 to Dean Durham to Underwood to Carter Lane to Hickory Grove to Webster Road to Taylor Chapel Road to Old Mac 569 to Mac Pitman Road to North Garnett Road to KY 323 Bengal Road to Friendship to Fallen Timber to Locust Road. Phillips Rd to KY 883 Sweeneyville to KY 210 to school.

Bus No. 25

Driver  —  Roger Whitley


KY 744 to Herford Lane to Girard Lane to John Minor Lane to KY 744 to Bradfordsville Road to Merrimac Peck to Cutler Creek to Lucian Sallee Road to Barney School Slate Creek to Corbin Road to school.

Bus No. 26

Driver  —  Jesse Smothers


Bass Ridge to Raikes Hill Spur to Raikes Hill Road to Long Ridge Road to Ky 70 to Mannsville Store to Oak lane to Dutton Creek to school.

Bus No. 27

Driver  —  Johnny Orberson


New Columbia Road to Milder Creek to Reliford Lane, McLean Road to Lemmons Bend to East Lemmons Bend Road to Roachville Road to Whitewood to lower Hogards Chapel to Meadow Creek to KY 3183 to Spears Road to Rhodes Road to school.

Bus No. 28

Driver  —  Carl Watson


Heather Drive to Newton Lane-KY 744 to Pitman Valley Church back to KY 744 to KY 634 to East Finley Ridge Road to Calvary, Spurlington Road to Salleetown Road to KY 744 to Spurlington Church Road in the morning only, to U.S. 68 to school.

Bus No. 29

Driver  —  Mike Thomas


KY 323 North Friendship Pike to Greensburg Road to KY 883 to Fairview Road to Russell Road to Sugar Hollow to Mallory Lane to Arnold Road to Old Greensburg Road to Tabernacle Road to Sha-Lawn Village and Arrowhead Trailer Park to school.

Bus No. 30

Driver  — Gerald Smith


Pikes Ridge to Gumm Road to KY 76 to South Parker to Elk Horn Loop Road to KY 70 to Old Elk Horn Road to Smith Ridge Rd to Sycamore Trailer Court to Roland Street to Stone Quarry Road to Central Avenue to school.

Bus No. 31

Driver  —  R.W. Wise


Davis Road to Hidden Meadows to Natures Way to Wildwood Subdivision, Earthborne Road to Hatcher Road to Elmore Road to Meadow Creek Road to Old Columbia Road to Garnett Street to New Columbia Road to school.

Bus No. 32

Driver  —  Charles Whitehouse


Smith Ridge Road to Capps Road to Stray Winds, back track to Smith Ridge to Martin Road to Pickett Road to Pembroke Way to Reynolds Road to Smith Ridge to Highland Drive to Happy Hills to KY 70 to Roberts Road to school.

Bus No. 33

Driver  —  Denise Ball


KY 55 to Lyle Road to Romine Loop Road to Harley Drive to Tebbs Bend to Walters Road to KY 55 to Ebenezer Road to North Coburg Road to Gabbert Road to Griffins Landing (Westshore) to Point Pleasant to Farris Road to Wise Beginnings to Greenhill Drive to school.

Bus No. 35

Driver  —  Barry Smith


Sharp Road to Kindness Road to Collins Lane to Mardis Road to Windy Hills to East Owl Creek to Rafferty Road to Palestine Road to Quail Ridge to Sharp Lane to Palestine Church area to Hancock to Red Fern Road to Long Acre to Sherwood to Christerson Lane to Farmgate Subdivision to school.

Bus No. 36

Driver  —  Roy Canada


Dragway Lane to Pleasant Hill Church Road to KY 744 to Saloma to Wade Lane to Chaney Pike to KY 744 to KY 210 to Fallen Timber Road to Forest Hills to West Pitman Road (KY 210 end) to Old Hodgenville Road to Faulkner Subdivision to Vintage Village to school. In the morning only, it will go to Greenbriar, Sadonna, Camelback, Townhouse and Brownington Way.

Bus No. 38

Driver  —  Keith Cox


Starting on Stoner Creek, first house on the right, to Burress Hollow to Eastridge Cemetery Road to KY 76 to Little Vine to Hovious Ridge Road to Wilson Creek to Elliott Ridge to Baker Branch Road to KY 76.

Bus No. 39

Driver  —  Larry Skaggs


Maple Road to Gravel Pit Road to Attila Road to Maple Road to Sprowles Ridge Road to Maple, Saloma to Saloma School Road to Leet Lane to Trotter Lane to Clara Lane to Mac Pitman to Wedgewood to Saloma Road to Miller Park to Warren Place to Lakeview Drive, Diane Drive, Tammie Trail, Parkview, Shreve, Longview, Skyline to school.

Bus No.40

Driver  —  Twalla Gilbert


Graham to Gilboa Road to Caulk Road to West Finley Ridge Road to Jarboe Road to KY 289 to Caulk Lake Road to Feather Creek Road to Sanders Road to Ferrill Lane to KY 289 to Mile Lane to Country Villa to Hollybrook to school.

Bus No. 42

Driver  —  Charley Wright


Starting at Mt. Carmel Church to Old Sullivan School, to Hoover French Road, backtrack to KY 1252 to Chaney Pike to KY 1252, to E. Poe Young Rd., Quisenberry Road to Saloma Salem Church to Woodhill Drive to Thomas Lane, A Child's Workplace to Twin Creek Subdivision, to Campbellsville Baptist Church childcare to school.

Bus No. 43

Driver  —  Richard Hord  


U.s. 68 east to Shiloh Road to Old Summersville Road to Parrott Cemetery to Marshall Ridge Road to Miller Road to Busy Baker Road to Black Gnat to Upper Hogards Chapel to Pepper Road to Virgie Lane to Shiloh Road to Whitlock Road to Greenleaf Drive to Sassy Court to Black Road to school. In the morning only, Tharp Drive to Johnathon to Bambi to Ashley to Tharp to Phillips Drive to school. In the afternoon only, Austin Drive to Applebee to Riggs Road to Old Summersville Road and 3766 Greensburg Road.

Bus No.44

Driver  —  Ron Lewis


KY 70 to Old Elk Horn Road to Roberts Road to Airport Road to KY 55 to Heather Road to Old Spurlington Loop Rd. to Wise Road to Lower Long Branch to Hamilton Road to Palestine to Beartrack, Eastport Road to KY 55 to Airport Road to Roberts Road to Parker-Kalon Road to Smith Ridge Road to school. In the afternoon only, Spurlington Church Road.

Bus No. 45

Driver  —  Mitchell Clark


KY 210 to Colsby Road to Moss Road to KY 744 to Durhamtown Road to KY 210 to Noe Road to Chestnut Grove Road, West Owl Creek to Stevens Court, Snow Lane, to Johnsport to Lebanon Road to West Main Street to Green Acres to Rosedale to Steeplechase to Oriole Lane to school.

Bus No. 15

Driver  —  Kathy Hunt

In the afternoon only, Greenbriar to Townhouse to Camelback to Sadonna to Brownington Way to Oriole Lane to Laura Humphress, Nancy Cox Drive to Arrowhead Trailer Park to Tharp and Bambi.

Bus. No. 41

Handicap Bus

Driver  —  Brad Lackey

Routes will be negotiated with parents.

Bus No. 18

Handicap Bus

Driver  —  James Lawson


Routes will be negotiated with parents.

Taylor County School officials ask that children ride the bus on the first day of school. If parents prefer, they can meet their child at the school when the bus arrives.