Bragging rights on line Friday at CU

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Campbellsville vs. Taylor County in Big Dawg Bowl

By Bobby Brockman



Dale Estes hopes his Campbellsville High School Eagles can get their first gridiron triumph this season while Eric Graves’ Taylor County Cardinals would like to improve to 2-1 in what he says is more than worth the price of admission as the cross-town rivals tangle in the Big Dawg Bowl.
One thing the two have in common is they like the spirit of the “heated” rivalry.
“Without a doubt, it would be great to get our first win (this season),” Estes said on Tuesday. “It just happens to be vs. our cross-town rival.
“The kids play hard (every game), but I think they play a little harder in this game and want it more. It gets a lot of hype.
“Somebody has to lose, but I think it’s a good thing.
“I enjoy the game and rivalry. I think it’s good for the community.”
Estes hopes to get his thin squad (in numbers) heathier with the possible return of two injured players, who have yet to see the field this campaign.
“If we can get (junior running back/linebacker) Eric Lamer (torn labrum) and (sophomore lineman) Austin Belt (high ankle sprain) back this week it would really help.”
“There will be people in the community see this game that might not see another game all year,” Graves admitted.
“If one team had won all the games (in this series), it wold still be a great game to go to.
“It will be a great game. It is a toss-up. It’s probably whoever wants it most.
“Last year, I thought they were a lot more aggressive (in the game) than I had seen before on film,” Graves continued. “I’m not going to assume anything this year.”
“Before this game and after tonight, I’ll be pulling for Campbellsville to win every game.
“But, not on Friday night.”
• Taylor County will probably be without offensive lineman John Chewning, who suffered a high ankle sprain in the Cardinals’ season opener vs. Russell County, and senior back Colton Harris, who injured a knee last week at Casey County.

Battle of the Birds’ history
Campbellsville vs. Taylor County
high school football (1973-2012)

(Head coach in parentheses)
1973    Campbellsville (Dave Fryrear) 47    Taylor Co. (Richard Martin) 0
1974    Campbellsville (Dave Fryrear) 41    Taylor Co. (Carter Bradshaw) 8
1975    Campbellsville (Harry Reif) 42    Taylor Co. (Carter Bradshaw) 7
1976    Campbellsville (Harry Reif) 26    Taylor Co. (Carter Bradshaw) 24
1977    Campbellsville (Harry Reif) 25    Taylor Co. (Carter Bradshaw) 6
1978    Taylor Co. (Harry Reif) 7    Campbellsville (Dave Fryrear) 6
1979    Campbellsville (Vic Clark) 13    Taylor Co.(Harry Reif) 6
1980    Taylor Co. (Harry Reif) 43    Campbellsville (Roger Cook) 0
1981    Taylor Co. (Harry Reif) 42    Campbellsville (George Jefferson) 7
1982    Taylor Co. (Harry Reif) 47    Campbellsville (George Jefferson) 6
1983    Taylor Co. (Bill Lindsey) 16    Campbellsville (Jim Jordan) 6
1984    Taylor Co. (Bill Lindsey) 27    Campbellsville (Jim Jordan) 12
1985    Taylor Co. (Bill Lindsey) 7    Campbellsville (Dave Fryrear) 0
1986    Taylor Co. (Bill Lindsey) 30    Campbellsville (Joe Dickerson) 0
1987    Taylor Co. (Bill Lindsey) 20    Campbellsville (Joe Dickerson) 6
1988    Taylor Co. (Bill Lindsey) 34    Campbellsville (Chuck Smith) 13
1989    Taylor Co. (Bill Lindsey) by forfeit    Campbellsville (Chuck Smith)
1990    No game was scheduled
1991    Campbellsville (Chuck Smith) 36    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 0
1992    Campbellsville (Perry Thomas) 35    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 0
1993    Campbellsville (Perry Thomas) 28    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 0
1994    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 20    Campbellsville (Perry Thomas) 14
1995    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 20    Campbellsville (Perry Thomas) 0
1996    Campbellsville (Perry Thomas) 48    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 6
1997    Campbellsville (Perry Thomas) 28    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 20
1998    Campbellsville (Perry Thomas) 39    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 7
1999    Campbellsville (Perry Thomas) 33    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 7
2000    Campbellsville (Jim Hardy) 27    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 6
2001    Campbellsville (Jim Hardy) 14    Taylor Co. (Brad Todd) 6
2002    Taylor Co. (Scott Franklin) 45    Campbellsville (Herb Wiseman) 14
2003    Campbellsville (Herb Wiseman) 12    Taylor Co. (Scott Franklin) 6
2004    Campbellsville (Herb Wiseman) 28    Taylor Co. (Rodney Turpin) 14
2005    Campbellsville (Herb Wiseman) 28    Taylor Co. (Rodney  Turpin) 0
2006    Taylor Co. (Rodney Turpin) 20    Campbellsville (Herb Wiseman) 14
2007    Campbellsville (Herb Wiseman) 37    Taylor Co. (Rodney Turpin) 19
2008    Taylor Co. (Rodney Turpin) 19    Campbellsville (Herb Wiseman) 16
2009    Campbellsville (Jason Chappell) 30    Taylor Co. (Rodney Turpin) 21
2010    Campbellsville (Jay Cobb) 22    Taylor Co. (Curtis Cotton) 0
2011    Taylor Co. (Eric Graves) 26    Campbellsville (Jay Cobb) 25
2012    Taylor Co. (Eric Graves) 34    Campbellsville (Dale Estes) 21
CHS leads the series 21-18 and in overall points scored 799-620
Campbellsville High coaching records in the series —  Dave Fryrear (2-2), Harry Reif (3-0), Vic Clark (1-0), Roger Cook (0-1), George Jefferson (0-2), Jim Jordan (0-2), Joe Dickerson (0-2), Chuck Smith (1-1), Perry Thomas (6-2), Jim Hardy (2-0), Herb Wiseman (4-3), Jason Chappell (1-0), Jay Cobb (1-1), Dale Estes (0-1) and one forfeit.
Taylor County High coaching records in the series — Richard Martin (0-1), Carter Bradshaw (0-4), Harry Reif (4-1), Bill Lindsey (7-0), Brad Todd (2-9), Scott Franklin (1-1), Rodney Turpin (2-4), Curtis Cotton (0-1), Eric Graves (2-0).