Boos and hisses not the way to teach our kids

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By The Staff

There’s just something about competition that brings out the worst in some people.

Whether it’s a kids’ ball game, a school award or a beauty pageant, all too many times adults embarrass themselves in front of their children.

We sign our children up for sports teams so they can learn how to play the game from coaches. Then we yell directions from the sidelines ourselves and complain about the very people we have asked to teach our children sportsmanship and skills?

We encourage our children to compete for educational and other awards, and then, if they don’t win, we go to those in charge and complain that our kid didn’t win … whether they deserved it or not?

And we pay entry fees for our children to be in beauty pageants, knowing that only one can win and then we hiss and boo when they lose?

We all think our children are the cutest, or the smartest, or the most athletic of all. And that’s the way it should be.

But it would help if they were also the nicest — and that’s not going to happen as long as we continue to make fools of ourselves in front of them.

We have to strive to be role models for our children. And that means teaching them good manners and sportsmanship BY EXAMPLE. Sure, none of us are perfect. Who is?

But what happened at Wednesday night’s children’s pageants at the fair was downright embarrassing. Three-year-old children getting boos from the audience?

Our world today is so hung up on outer beauty that perhaps our inner beauty has begun to suffer … you know, that part of us that encourages us to care for others, be polite and considerate, and use good judgment.

Some children leave a pageant without an award, and it doesn’t bother them in the slightest. But others are devastated, and the actions of some parents simply make it worse.

A positive self-image is an extremely important part of growing up.

Let’s stop showing our children what ignorance looks like and instead help them grow up comfortable in their own skins.