Blood test could save your life

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By The Staff

I am writing to give readers my testimony. I participate in Jane Todd Crawford Hospital's yearly health fair. This year, I went on a Tuesday morning to have my blood drawn.

By 7:30 the next morning, my family doctor's office called to tell me to have some more blood work done as there was an abnormality in my white blood cell count.

It was later that day that I found out I have chronic myeloid leukemia. It was caught in the very first stages - by the grace of God as well as the speed of the great technicians at Jane Todd. I encourage everyone to get a yearly physical, or at the very least blood work done.

The health fair only costs $12 for many tests completed on your blood. Had it not been for my yearly trip to the hospital, I would have not known about this disease.

I wanted to tell my story so that maybe it would help someone else and make everyone realize that we must take care of ourselves and take the initiative to have ourselves checked out at least once a year. There is nothing more precious than our health. Let's do a great job in trying to stay healthy.

Sonya Caldwell