Blake Moss is children's winner

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By The Staff

Whenever I'm asked in my life what I am thankful for, most boys my age would say video games, TV, arcades or sports. However, I try to look way beyond those things in my life, to see what truly matters most.

I realize I do not know a lot of things, but I do know how important my family is to me. I'm reminded every day that I have blessings in my life. I have two parents who love me, more than anything else, and I realize the majority of kids today live with other relatives or grandparents, and are not so fortunate. So, therefore, I feel very blessed to have my mom and dad in my life.

I also feel blessed to have a younger brother and sister. I know they are young and they look up to me now, but one day when we all get older I know I'll need them just as much. I'm also thankful for all my grandparents, for their gentle hands and hearts and words of wisdom I know I'll forever carry with me. These are things very important to me in my life.

But on a hot summer day, I'm thankful for the gentle breeze of a dusty ball field, where I could forever dream of playing baseball. I am blessed to have good friends, good food, faith and a cozy home.

I realize love and my faith in God is the most important gift after all, and the person I love most is God. He is always with me, through every obstacle I face, big or small. And I truly believe when my mom tells me he lives within my heart, I know she's right. Everything that comes from him is a true blessing in itself. So my life is in honor of his life.

So today and every day I give thanks to God for all my wonderful blessings now and those yet to come. God Bless!