Best of luck, graduates

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Friday marks the official end of childhood for Campbellsville and Taylor County high school seniors. Adulthood is now directly in front of them.

Graduates have important decisions to make - whether to continue their education or head straight into the job market. Then there's marriage, family and other important life choices. No matter the path they choose, we wish all of them the very best of luck.

The CHS ceremony is at 6:30 and the TCHS ceremony at 7:30.

What better time for high school students to be reminded that the decisions they make now will have an effect on the rest of their lives.

An occasion such as graduation is definitely a cause for celebration. But the celebrating must also be accompanied by caution and responsibility. Not only must they choose to make responsible decisions for themselves, but they also should try to influence the decisions of their friends.

We challenge this year's graduates to make good decisions and to make a difference. We wish you all the best of luck.