Beshear should stop playing politics with our troops

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By The Staff

The Lexington Herald-Leader and WHAS 11 recently reported about the Beshear Administration's firing of Eric Landis, an Air National Guardsman who had served as a staffer to Gov. Ernie Fletcher. Beshear fired Airman Landis less than a month after he returned from active duty in violation of state and federal law.

At first, I was reluctant to speak out on behalf of Landis, who is a registered Republican, because I did not want to politicize this issue. I actually felt it was worth giving the Beshear Administration the opportunity to do the right thing.

However, it is now clear the Beshear Administration has launched a campaign to smear the good name of a fine young man who just wanted to serve his state and his country.

State and federal law prohibits an employer from firing a service member returning from active duty for a set time period. The Beshear Administration was required to continue Landis' employment for at least 180 days after he returned from active duty.

Our men and women in uniform, regardless of their political affiliations, deserve to be given the utmost respect when they return from military service - not handed a pink slip. Gov. Beshear's staff has put more effort in spinning propaganda with their ever-changing stories than seeking out a way to properly remedy this situation.

This tasteless act by Gov. Steve Beshear is both legally deficient and morally repulsive. At a time when America's service men and women need our unwavering support, this governor is sending a dangerous message to our active duty soldiers and veterans.

I hope you will call Gov. Steve Beshear's office at (502) 564-2611 and demand that he right this shameful wrong.

Steve Robertson, Chairman

Kentucky Republican Party