Be careful who you vote for

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By James Roberts

Is Obama on the way out?

That's the message sent out on the airwaves by the 24-hour news networks this past weekend.

I'm not sure if President Barack Obama is destined to be a one-term president, but I am certain that many of the "reporters" on these network have mistaken opinion for facts.

I've said here before that I'm not a political junky. Heck, I'd rather watch American Pickers than a political debate.

Still, I occasionally get sucked into the hoopla, and this past weekend was certainly one of those cases.

Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll. According to CNN and Fox News, this indicates a 150 percent likelihood that she will be the next president, or, at the very least, a 2000 percent chance that Obama will be a one-term president. At least that's what I got out of their reporting of the story.

I also learned of a recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology study, which found that looks matter for uninformed voters who watch a lot of television. I may not be a TV addict, but at least I'm not alone in my uninformed opinions.

I'll be honest, I like looking at Bachmann. I have no idea what she stands for, but I know she's a nice looking lady. Sounds like that might carry her far in her bid for the presidency.

But will it work? Does Bachmann's winning of the Iowa straw poll make Obama's bid for a second term a moot point?

It does seem clear that Obama's message of hope and "Yes We Can" has become one of "Well, Maybe We Couldn't." But would any other candidate have done a better job? Could McCain/Palin have pulled us out of the debt mess?

I suspect not.

As I watched the "debt crisis" story unfold on CNN a couple of weekends ago, I kept looking out my window. I was led to believe that the sky was going to fall. I kept watching and waiting, but it never happened.

Instead, fingers were pointed at Obama for not stopping this from happening. Seems to me that not enough pundits are pointing fingers at the fat cats in Congress who waited for this to reach critical status before bothering to tackle it.

One thing is clear. America has some problems, and it's time for Americans to do their homework when selecting our next president. Do your own research. Forget what the talking heads say. Much of the time, they are not objective anyway.

Forget about appearance. Will you feel better having voted for the "cute" candidate after you've lost your job and home? I doubt it.

Every vote counts. We've just got to be sure we know why we're voting.