BBB warns: Watch for calls, invoices from Universal Adcom

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The Better Business Bureau suggests consumers be wary of the company Universal Adcom. Sometimes operating under the business names Hometown Productions and Premier Maps, the company has nearly 400 complaints against it.
Many of these complaints have been categorized as “serious” by BBB. It should also be mentioned that the majority of complaints to the BBB report multiple complaint issues.
For example, customers may complain they received a bill for an order not placed, the product received was poor quality and the business refuses to remove them from the solicitation call list.
Often, Universal Adcom misrepresents itself, claiming to be affiliated with a school, chamber of commerce, police department, fire department, local newspaper or civic organization to generate sales orders.
During the sales presentation, customers are led to believe if a purchase is made, all proceeds will benefit the school or civic organization being claimed by the sales representative.
Some complainants report the representatives identified themselves as students of a local school to make a sale.
Later, after placing an order, the consumer finds out the school received little or no proceeds and the business was not affiliated with the organization as claimed.
Poor quality and non-receipt of products are another common issue with Universal Adcom.
Specific complaints include maps with parts of the city missing, major roads missing, maps with the wrong state listed, businesses listed on maps for another county, multiple misspellings and customers’ business names and telephone numbers, location information missing or misprinted on maps, magnets and other advertising materials and more.
Other poor quality complaints include receiving a product with another company name listed.
In addition to poor quality products, some customers complain of not receiving the products at all.
Despite not receiving the product, the customer receives an invoice and calls to collect money.
Various state Attorneys General have brought enforcement actions against the company for illegal marketing practices.
The company has the BBB’s lowest rating of “F.”