AT&T invests in Kentucky mobile broadband network

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AT&T and Gov. Steve Beshear recently announced that the company has invested more than $525 million in its Kentucky wireline and wireless networks over the past three years.
The company will continue to invest in network enhancements as part of AT&T’s planned $19 billion nationwide investment in 2011. This will support plans to enable 4G speeds over a growing portion of the country starting this year along with the launch of LTE beginning mid-year.
“Better wireless coverage drives economic growth, stimulates job creation and equips Kentucky businesses with the ability to compete in a global marketplace,” Beshear stated.
Mary Pat Regan, AT&T Kentucky state president, said AT&T plans the following network improvements across the state of Kentucky in this year:

  •  Upgrading cell sites for mobile broadband.
  •  Activating new cell sites to improve network coverage and reliability.
  •  Deploying fiber-optic Ethernet backhaul connections to hundreds of cell sites. Combined with HSPA+ technology, these backhaul connections enable 4G speeds.
  •  Delivering additional mobile broadband capacity to hundreds of cell sites in the area through the addition of new layers of frequency, also known as “carriers.” Adding extra capacity to a cell site is like widening a highway — more lanes are being created to accommodate increasing traffic.

In 2010, AT&T added more than 35 new cell sites in Kentucky and upgraded more than 150 existing sites to mobile broadband.
The company also announced plans to hire an additional 200 employees at a wireless call center in Grayson. Currently, AT&T employs more than 3,200 employees in Kentucky.