April is National County Government Month

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Eddie Rogers

Taylor County Judge/Executive

We know that county government services and programs play a central role in our communities and the lives of millions of Americans.

The county provides services that protect our homes, schools and neighborhoods, maintains safe roads, bridges and airports and operates our jails. The county maintains our parks and recreations programs.

As county officials, we need to tell the public about the programs and services that counties provide and the roles and responsibilities counties have.

National County Government Month, celebrated each April, is an opportunity to deliver these important messages. This year's theme is "Healthy Counties, Healthy Families."

As county judge/executive, I would encourage the citizens to get involved in their community and ask questions of their elected officials to understand what they are doing for their County, which is why I say my door is always open to the public.

By June 1, the Taylor County Animal Shelter's new expansion should be ready to open and things are doing well with this project. This will provide several benefits to the community.

We are in the process of finalizing some national trails out at the Tebbs Bend Area. So that everyone in the community and surrounding areas can have the opportunity to use the trails for hiking or just enjoying a relaxing walk to take in the beautiful surroundings that this area has to offer.

April is usually a time when we work on our budget for Taylor County. We also advertise that we will be accepting bids for some of the counties suppliers and contractors, including blacktop, rock, pest control, gasoline, maintenance to some of our key buildings and janitorial services for the key buildings.

While that will be working diligently on our budget so that we can make sure we will be doing what is right for our County.

One of the main concerns that myself and our magistrates have are our county roads. We always look to see what we can do for our citizens to improve or repair the worse roads in Taylor County or the ones that would benefit from the repairs in the up and coming year.

You can always talk to me or you're magistrate about your concerns on any county issue.

Taylor County Fiscal Court meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. unless there is a conflict to reschedule a different date. We have committee meetings periodically to discuss issues in the county that may need other attention before our regular scheduled court meeting but then we bring up at the court meeting.

I would like to let you know that we make a good effort to work with all entities of Taylor County.

We work with the city monetarily to provide you with the E-911 and Campbellsville/Taylor County EMS to provide the community with emergency services at all times.

We are working with the city on the Campbellsville/Taylor County Economic Development Authority and the recycling center.

We all are working together to improve on our community life and to provide services to the citizens of Taylor County.

If you ever have any concerns or comments on how the two entities work together, you can always come into my office and the mayor's office.

Our annual spring clean up is set for April 20 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on top of the hill of the old Fruit of the Loom parking lot.

We will also have an E-scrap available. During the year, we have a program to help the nonprofit organizations of the county that want to earn money for their group. It is called the litter abatement program, where your group can clean up county roads in Taylor County and earn money. It depends on the amount of funds available to how many groups can participate.

We always encourage people to get involved in their community. Along with this volunteerism we work in conjunction with the PRIDE program. Volunteer with PRIDE - volunteers bring to life "Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment."  Every year, thousands show their appreciation for the region's natural beauty by volunteering to pick up litter. Spring cleanup is in the month of April.

As the region's beautiful scenery springs to life, PRIDE works with communities to create a clean, healthy environment for residents and visitors. By volunteering you can inspire others to dispose of trash properly and prove they are proud to call Taylor County home.

Kentucky has one of the most expansive state park systems in the nation. For decades, the parks have been bringing people together for family reunion, boating, fishing, hiking and a wealth of other activities.

Again, I say thank you Taylor County for letting me serve as your county judge/executive as always my door is always open.

You can contact me at my office at 465-7729.

♦ Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers writes a monthly column about the happenings of Taylor County. Contact him at judgeexec@taylorcounty.us 465-7729.