April 15 is tax deadline

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By Leslie Moore

There are 12 days left until the April 15 deadline to file federal and state income tax returns. For those who haven't filed yet, local tax preparers have some advice.

Maurice Dix, CPA and PSC, said those who need more time can file for an automatic extension through the IRS. April 15 is also the deadline to file for an extension.

Though an extension will allow six more months to file, Dix said it is not an extension of time to pay if one owes money to the IRS.

"If you owe money, as of April 15, there will be penalties and interest added to your bill when you pay the total amount of taxes due."

Cliff Fowler of Fowler Durham CPAs and Advisors PLLC said that while procrastination is often to blame, there were many delays that caused people to received important forms late. Those who claim a depreciation tax, namely small business owners and farmers, Fowler said, were among those affected.

CPA Paige Hall said those who owe money to the IRS and received certain forms late might qualify for late-payment penalty relief this year, waiving the 0.5 percent monthly interest rate.

An extension form and a complete list of eligible delayed forms can found online at irs.gov.