Any savings is a good savings when buying drugs

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By The Staff

For some reason, it always seems more difficult to fork over the money for necessities than it does for luxuries. It's much more pleasant to spend money going to the movies than paying the electric bill.

But the electric bill is a necessity for all of us. And so is medicine.

A story in Monday's News-Journal gave the details on local pharmacies' generic drug programs, programs that are going to save us all some money.

Generic drugs, according to the FDA, are exactly the same as brand-name drugs. They just cost less.

Of course it helps to get customers in the door in hopes that they'll buy other items. In fact, the dollars saved at the pharmacy are likely spent elsewhere in the store. But being able to save a couple of bucks on medicine that one MUST have means there are more dollars left in the wallet to spend on food and other items.

Health care costs are increasing each year. And speculation has it that as Baby Boomers reach retirement age those costs will skyrocket with the sheer numbers of people who will require additional medical care as they get older.

And as they age, more and more of us will have Medicare. And that's where the most people will benefit. After Medicare payments reach $2,250 for a patient, they're on their own for the next $2,850. And that much money in out-of-pocket expenses would put a crimp in most anyone's lifestyle.

Way to go, pharmacies. It's great to see a program that will help us as it helps you.