Anti-drug coalition soliciting donations

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Campbellsville/Taylor County Anti-Drug Coalition strives to keep youth free of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, while promoting healthy decisions and encouraging low-risk choices.

Prom is one of the highlights of a high school student's life. Decisions made at prom could have lasting consequences. Prom breakfast is designed to give students a place to gather after prom to have fun without drinking.

During each prom breakfast, the coalition likes to recognize Campbellsville and Taylor County students who choose a drug-free evening by offering incentives.

"Stay Safe, Stay Sober, Stay Alive" is a local campaign to reduce the use of alcohol by minors during prom.

Those who attend prom breakfast will have a chance to put a "Stay Safe, Stay Sober, Stay Alive" card they will receive from local businesses in a drawing for prizes.

Community can help the coalition by donating a gift certificate, products or money to give away during prom breakfast.

For more information, or to donate, call 789-1925 or 469-5753.