Alcohol sales won't increase drinking

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By The Staff

It was with little surprise that I read in Monday's paper that the Baptist Association has once again published its "Where As" statement regarding the upcoming vote on city alcohol sales.

Let's not confuse the issue. This vote has little if anything to do with Christianity.

Alcohol is currently being consumed at the American Legion and Campbellsville Country Club. Are there Christians who go to the American Legion and drink? Probably so. Are there Christians who go to the CCC and drink? Probably so. Does that make them any less Christian? Of course not.

Do non-Christians drink? Probably so. Are there Christians and non-Christian who don't drink? Most assuredly. People already drink alcohol, which is not news to anyone.

Allowing alcohol sales in the City limits is not a moral issue. It is purely an economical one.

The Baptist Association wants to be, as they put it, "progressive." Progress is the act of moving forward, not backward as the Baptist Association's "Where As" statement actually advocates.

So, when entering the voting booth, don't let fear or guilt determine your vote.

Allowing alcohol sales within in the City limits will not increase drinking in general anymore than banning smoking in restaurants will cut down on smoking in general.

Charles Cusumano