Air Evac Lifeteam soars to new heights

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Air Evac Lifeteam has unveiled the latest tool in its arsenal. The King Air C90, which has been in use for about a month now, was on display Thursday at Taylor County Airport. Health and emergency officials from several counties attended the event. Dan Durham, program director of Air Evac 43 in Campbellsville, said the plane would be used when a helicopter cannot fly due to weather or if the distance is too great. The plane is stationed in Whitley County, which is about a 14-minute flight from Taylor County. If you’re an Air Evac Lifeteam member and you’re flown by helicopter or plane, you’re covered and have no out-of-pocket expenses. Whatever your insurance pays is considered paid in full. For more information about the membership program, call Sondra Keltner at (270) 283-1933.