Action from the Taylor County Fiscal Court meeting on May 14

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 • Taylor County Sheriff Allen Newton said his office is researching participating in Project Lifesavers, which would give tracking bracelets to those who need them, such as those who are autistic or have Alzheimer’s. 

He said he is researching a grant to help fund the program.

• City officials recently donated a Humvee to the sheriff’s office, Newton said, after they saw they didn’t need it. 

Magistrates agreed to declare four sheriff’s office vehicles as surplus and advertise for sealed bids.

• Magistrates agreed to pay $98.38 for recyclable materials they collected on Green County’s behalf. They also agreed to no longer accept materials for another county other than Taylor.

• Magistrates discussed leasing the Toll House on Tebbs Bend Road to someone who will, in return for free rent and utilities, give tours of the area.

• Magistrates agreed to have about $3,000 in work done to a concession stand at Veterans Memorial Park.

• Bids to provide annual county services were awarded. 

White Oil will provide gas, P.C. Clark Supply was awarded the tile bid, Nally and Haydon will sell the county blacktop and rock, Hudson Material will provide road oil, Darrell Miller won the pest control bid, and Paul Nuckols will clean the Taylor County Judicial Center.

 Oasis Cleaning LLC will clean the Taylor County Courthouse and ACM Construction and Management will provide maintenance at the Taylor County detention and judicial centers.

• In his monthly report provided to magistrates, Taylor County Jailer Hack Marcum stated, in April, inmates housed at Taylor County Detention Center performed 2,381 hours of labor in the community. 

If paid minimum wage, the hours would equate to $17,262.25.

Inmates work with fire, street, housing, park, school and road department workers. A work crew picks up trash, mows and helps with recycling.

In April, the jail housed an average of 226 inmates each day, with 67 being Taylor County’s inmates, who are non-revenue-generating customers. 

He said the county averaged 147 state inmates a day for the month of April.

In April, jail contracts with the state and Green, Cumberland and Jessamine counties produced $154,307.66 in revenue.

• As of April 30, the county had $4,056,463.13 in its general, road, jail, LGEA, forest fire and ASAP funds. Of that, the general fund stood at $2.6 million.

• Magistrates approved their monthly requests for road improvements. They include repairs to potholes and tiles, installing signs, removing trees and mowing.

• Magistrates had first reading of a budget amendment moving money from and to several line items in the general, road and jail fund, totaling $807,643.50.

• Nearly $3.5 million has been collected in county occupational taxes this fiscal year. 

After refunds and expenses, net amount collected is $3,386,610.76.