About fire substations

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By The Staff

I don't see how Tom Fisher got his figures. I am not educated, but I come up with a lot more [money to operate fire substations] than he does.

Each substation has two persons per shift, three shifts per day, seven days a week. That is 168 hours per week per person (two persons) per substation. You pay for 336 hours per substation - $10 per hour - very, very conservative.

Then you have Social Security, Worker's Comp, health insurance, etc.

I figure that comes to $175,200 per substation (times four) $700,800. Plus, it's a political job and each person will want their own car and let the County pay the expense. Plus, they will want a government retirement plan.

Does Tom Fisher and our government think the people of Taylor County are made of tax? They already have enough burden.

Oscar V. Gaskins


Editor's Note: There may be some full-time, permanent employees, but the proposal is for the majority of the substation shifts to be covered by volunteers.