50th Duffers tees off this weekend

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For the first time at Old Silo Golf Course in Mt. Sterling

By Bobby Brockman


There will be 50 candles on the cake for the annual Duffers Golf Tournament when they tee off on Saturday at Old Silo Golf Course in Mt. Sterling.
Historian and this year’s tournament director Troy Young says over 356 golfers have competed in the previous 49 classics.
While all the other information is not complete, Young’s extensive research shows a lot of interesting facts. The complete list of sites and winners (minus the second champion in 1966) appears on page B2.
This year’s 56-man field, in alphabetical order and subject to change up or down in numbers, consists of:
Ed Baise
Steve Beard
Kenny Bennett
Dustin Benningfield
Ron Benningfield
Sam Benningfield
Barry Bertram
John Bertram
Gil Blevins
Billy Breeding
E.G. Brown
Garland Caldwell
Bo Carlisle
Bam Carney
Terry Cartwright
Mike Cassell
Ed Cheatham
Frank Cheatham
Jacob Chewning
Barry Cox
Mike Curnutte
Jay Eastridge
Jason Farmer
Daryl Gardner
Roger Grant
Matthew Hazel
Nick Hazel
Dee Hutchins
Benji Kelly
Brad Lauer
Henry Lee
Gary Magers
Rob Mason
Steve Mason
Tom Milby
David Alan Newton
Rick Newton
Joe Noland
Brent OIiver
Lemuel Read
Richard RoBards
Danny Sallee
Binky Smith
Junior Southern
B.D. Thompson
Joey Turpin
Chuck Vaughn
John Waldrop
Danny Walls
Phillip Walls
James Watkins
George Wise
Derick Witham
Tony Young
Troy Young
Pontus Yngve

Duffers facts

Most tourneys participated
Harold Wilkerson    45
Wayne Wells    45
Barry Bertram    42
Lowell Yankey    41
Fred Waddle    38
Willard Smith    38
Gil Blevins    38
Kenny Bennett    37
Dwight Sandidge    37
Tom Gupton    36
James Thompson    36
John Waldrop    36
Longest current streaks
(through 2014)
Kenny Bennett    37
Frank Cheatham    35
David Alan Newton    28
John Bertram    24

Multiple titles
James Thompson    3
(1974, 1990, 2001)
Don Holland    2
(1970, 1971)
Willard Smith    2
(1969, 1982)
Lance Bartley    2
(1978, 1983)
Harold Wilkerson    2
(1996, 2004)
Binky Smith    2
(1999, 2010)

Most top 10 finishes
Harold Wilkerson    16
James Thompson    15
Gil Blevins    12
Willard Smith    11

Lowest net score
Harold Wilkerson    129
Lowest gross score
Jared Hines    136